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Mein wunderbares Lokal – Interactive

The interactive reading book with audio works only on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac.




E-Book + Audio

An interactive e-book with audio files and vocabulary section by Klara Wimmer

Level 1: Beginners (A1) = Novice High

Birgit regularly visits a nearby restaurant during her lunch break because of its well-prepared, abundant, and affordable daily menu. However, the new young waiter serving Birgit is anything but a skilled server: he forgets her order, often brings the wrong one, or delivers it with significant delays. Naturally, this frustrates Birgit, given the limited time for her break. Yet, from initial arguments and charged tension, something unexpected begins to unfold. 

The interactive edition of the textbook seamlessly integrates written content with an accompanying audiobook, providing an interactive learning experience. Immerse yourself in the material by listening to the audiobook while reading through each chapter.

Full preview download available on Apple Books

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