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About Klara Wimmer's German-Reader

Klara Wimmer’s German Reader books are not just a collection of books, but a dynamic language tool to help German learners reach new heights. These carefully crafted books are more than just reading material – they are linguistic companions carefully tailored to expand your vocabulary and improve your German language skills. Each of the engaging short stories in this series is strategically matched to the respective learning levels to ensure an immersive experience that seamlessly integrates topic, grammar and vocabulary for an unparalleled learning journey.

Klara Wimmer’s German Reader series offers not only inspirational reading books, but also textbooks, audiobooks, interactive e-books, accompanying audio texts, videos and many other media.

Here is an overview of the learning levels:

  • Level 1 – Beginner: A1
  • Level 2 – Basic: A2
  • Level 3 – Pre-intermediate: B1
  • Level 4 – Intermediate: B2
  • Level 5 – Upper intermediate: C1
  • Level 6 – Advanced: C2


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